Bow making

On this page, you will find a hunting and sports bow from natural resources, as well as a selection of selfmade arrows.
Recurve bow, Indian short bow, fire arrows, whistle arrow...

Custom Bow
  • Longbows
  • Recurve
  • laminated sheets


The special thing about Moku Buki's bows is the choice of plant-based resources: in addition to genuine handcraft, only pure natural materials are used. Dacron tendons and fiberglass backings are not used here. Flexible woods such as ash, hickory or yew are suitable as bow wood.

I make bows with standing and decrowning years. Laminated and asymmetrical bows can also be made, recurve ends can be static or flexible.


The grip area also allows for a wide range of variants. Equipped with an arrow rest, 'pistol grip' or winding, this can massively change the performance of the bow. It also plays a role whether you aim with sight or aim intuitively.


Archery is always something very personal. Since the draw force and distance vary for every shooter, these exact values must be taken into account when building the bow. But the way the bow is used also plays a role: small, short bows for hunting in undergrowth, powerful longbows for long-distance archery or the sporty recurve with its unmistakable swing at the end of the limbs.


Please order bowstring separately.


I need the following information for production:

  • draw length and draw weight?
  • arm span or desired bow length?
  • type of wood and color of the bow?
  • handle design?
  • desired decorations


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Linen Bowstring with splice
  • wet spun
  • hand turned
  • sewn splice
  • oiled


Bowstrings must match the draw weight of the bow and are much more than just a piece of 'string'. High demands are placed on the area where the string meets the bow nocks and it should still perform well even after 1000 shots.


The plant-based raw material of my choice is linen yarn. Using a process optimized for me, the yarn is soaked with oil and built up into a resilient tendon. One side receives a Flemish splice. The resulting eye is wrapped and sewn.


An additional grip wrap in the area of the string where the arrow and fingers rest is a useful extension, but must be adapted to the bow and its standing height.


I need the following information for production:

  • desired length?
  • draw weight
  • desired color?
  • Winding / arrow nock?
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  •  straight-growncedar shaft
  • hand-fletched
  • optionally with spine
  • wooden cam
  • oiled and polished


Wonderfully fragrant cedar arrows, best shaft selection for a decreased risk of breakage and resistant sealed and polished. Peaks be positively secured and additionally glued. Fletching manually even spiral as Flou-Flou-Arrow. Cam worked out of the shaft.

One thing is certain, without a good arrow, also
the best arc benefits not so much. Thus, it certainly is not surprising that for the construction of arrows, just as much energy is used as in the construction of arches. The advantage of the arrow varies almost as much as the design did. I would be happy to advise you.

I need the following details for the manufacturing process:

  • Desired length?
  • Desired colour of the shaft?
  • Wich colour for the feathers?
  • Spine?
  • Special requests?
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Bowmaking Workshop

Building your own bow, how does this actually work? And can I do that too? We can answer the last question with 'Yes!' if you have persistence, interest in craftsmanship and an eye for detail.


In a bow making workshop I can accompany you on this fascinating journey and offer a workshop environment that allows you to learn everything about bow making. The courses are currently limited to 1-2 people per course. Appointment lead time: 3 months. The courses can be adapted in terms of content and time to suit your needs.



  • Course duration: 2 or 3 days of 8 hours each
  • Includes material for 1 bow (2 blanks), 1 string, 3 arrows
  • price per person
799,00 €
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