Peter Krowiorsch
Hauptstr. 40
02739 Kottmar OT Eibau



Fon: 0173 2943235


Peter Krowiorsch Portrait Moku Buki Owner Goju-Ryu Karate-Ka

Born in 1987, Peter Krowiorsch was raised in the rural area of the beautiful “Oberlausitz” (Upper Lusatia). Aged 10, he took up is his study of martial arts in the local dojo of the “Karate-Do Eibau e.V.

After years of the training in the dojo and 12 years of school education, Peter received his A-levels in 2006 and his first dan rank in 2007.
In 2008, he finished the technical college for woodworking as best student of his year.

In 2009, he set up his own business with a small woodworking shop und reached his second dan rank in the same year. For five years now, Peter Krowiorsch has been devoted to traditional woodworking and increasingly specializes in the production of high-quality training equipment.

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