About "Moku Buki"

Moku Buki represents hand-made, historically accurate, self-tested and therefore authentic martial arts equipment made of wood. I put many years of sweat-producing training and hard workshop labour into developing and building this project.

Expressing my passion for this project was the goal, when I got in touch with the team at ZH2, asking them to position my project name “martial woods”.

Based an my vision, we analysed the options with regards to the linguistic creation using Japanese martial arts terms. After this initial analysis, we created the brand name “Moku Buki”.

“Moku Buki” is a modification of the formulation “Mokusei buki” (Japanese for wooden weapon(s)). For a more fluid pronunciation we shortened the term to “Moku Buki” 木製武器.

I would like to express special gratitude to Andreas Quast and Henning Wittwer. Their professional knowledge lead the creation of the name “Moku Buki”. While Henning provided linguistic expertise, Andreas assisted us with kanji character sets.

Font expert and calligrapher Thomas Hönel, who also supported me significantly with the corporate branding, was in charge of the calligraphy of the Latin letters. From different designs, I settled for the current “Moku Buki” version.

It fills me with pride to be a part of the worldwide martial arts network with “Moku Buki”. “Moku Buki”, for me, stands for the connection between hard and soft, east and west, tension and relaxation, professionalism and authenticity. By cleverly combining kanji and western calligraphy, “Moku Buki” mediates my personal philosophy of craftsmanship and martial arts, intention and innovation, responsibility and sustainability.

Peter Krowiorsch, June 2014