The product range will be expanded with time – the journey is the destination.

Nihon Kobudo weapons made of wood. High-quality Bokken, Danto, Naginata, Yari, Suburito and more. Here you see Kusari-Gama made of wallnut.

Nihon Kobudo


The following pages display a selection of typical Japanese training equipment, boasting in quality!

Bokken, Danto, Naginata, Yari, Suburito, ...

In the picture you see okinawan tonfa made of ash and the handle turned out of bubinga. More Ryukyu Kobudo weapons available.

Okinawa Kobudo


This category presents a range of wooden training tools modelled after okinawian originals.
Bo, Eku, Tonfa, Kama, Rochin, Timbe ...

Hojo Undo


… are hardening and strengthening exercises, in preparation for special martial arts techniques. You can find a refined selection of high-quality laboured equipment, fitting for those exercises.
Makiwara, Nigiri-Game, Chi-Moku, Tetsu-Geta, Wooden-Dummy ...



 ... and kamiza, Kamon and everything that decorates the Dojo. With know-how for Japanese wood crafts and an eye for detail, I am your partner for authentic Dojo related builds.

Archery products like this ash pyramidial bow are available in the onlineshop. More products to come.

Bow making


On this page, you will find a hunting and sports bow from natural resources, as well as a selection of historical arrows.
Recurve bow, Indian short bow, fire arrows, whistle arrow

Natural edged bowl, filled with sand makes a very nice insence stick burner. More japanese styled products in the onlineshop.



If you’d like to decorate your training facilities with Asian-styled elements, you will find a selection of authentic Japanese products here.