Individual offers

Individual offers for custom made martial arts equipment, such as Kobudo weapons, Hojo Undo and Karate equipment and archery

Apart from the products offered in my online shop, I’ll gladly realize all your personal requests and wishes. Get in touch using the contact form and I’ll get back to you with a personal offer as soon as possible. Of course, I will also advise you about the choice of material and construction issues.  Worldwide shipping! » Contact form

Sharpening service

Sharpening service for high-quality edged weopons and tools, such as: Hocho - japanese kitchenknives, Katana and Kama - okinawan sickles.

Furthermore, I provide an exclusive sharpening service for high-quality edged weapons and tools. Even the dullest katana blades will get a whole new sharpness and shine.
Get in touch for an individual offer.