• Historically accurate – 100% natural materials..

  • Traditional craftsmenship for authentic martial arts equipment.

  • Passion for perfection – Moku Buki

  • Exclusive weapon manufacturing for discerning budoka.

  • Blood and sweat for every product – martial arts from timber.

Welcome to the site of Moku Buki, the portal for high-quality and authentic martial arts equipment from natural resources.

Martial arts enthusiasts will find a unique online shop with a selection of hand-made kobudo weapons, bows and hojo-undo equipment. Furthermore, there are interesting blog posts and other media on Facebook and YouTube.

Custom Bow
ab 599,00 €
Dit Da Jow
89,00 €
ab 49,00 €
ab 349,00 €
ab 399,00 €
Tetsu Geta
ab 399,00 €
ab 349,00 €