The journey is the reward

In the picture: my great grandfathers train drivers watch and some nice drawings. This is in the workshop of Moku Buki

The Moku Buki brand is the result of my 5 years of self-employment as a wood artist. In the summer of 2014, the time has finally come. The website goes online and I welcome every reader and customer to my realm.

When I started my work, I didn’t make much of a fuss about my martial arts products. At the beginning, I just got hold of everything I needed for the martial arts studies. Yet, fighter friends of mine soon took notice of me.

And it thus came about that I manufactured more and more weapons and equipment for other people. The spectrum of shapes and colours grew, as did my experience. In addition, I arranged everything in my working environment such that I can switch over to training at any time.

Thus, my fighting skills grew day by day and, to the same extent, my understanding of the construction and the properties of ideal training equipment. How authentic would my Makiwara production be, for example, if I hadn’t already completed hundreds of thousands of strikes with it?

After having never really advertised my products over the years, the signs for a specialisation in this trade intensified. A proper advertising concept was elaborated, I had logos created and scraped the money together for print and web media.
Today, the work and preparation of recent months and years coalesce. Moku Buki is to be the new star on the firmament for martial arts accessories. 

Yet, all of this will only be a beginning. Traditional martial arts is a path of life and not an education that is completed after a few years. This means that my work and this website are constantly under development, too.

New products will be included in the shop, new blog posts published and maybe we will meet in person soon at one of my first seminars.

Now enjoy my craft in two ways and the resulting products. It would be my pleasure to be able to welcome you here again in my blog!

The woodworm greets you!