Martial arts in the garden

In the picture: some spot in my martial arts garden. A reed Tou and an Ude Kitae. Its a nice place when the sun shines through the leaves.

Like many practitioners of martial arts, I have a preference for training gardens with hojo undo equipment – these strengthen the body and toughen it. The overgrown garden around my workshop was the reason to make this wish come true. Where beeches and willow saplings used to determine the picture, ancient rhododendrons and the yew tree have been uncovered. In front of that, a small lawn with a conifer is now bordered off by a beautiful heap of natural stones. The lawn can be used for Kata and the heap of stones for step exercises. Hardy bamboo is to be planted soon as a screen and noise protector.

A detailed report on the garden redevelopment work will follow. At present, the garden has the following equipment:
Tou = bamboo bundle for grasping and finger poke techniques
Ude-Kitei = a simple pole for toughening the limbs

Kakite-Bikei = for push hands technique and arm strength

Mamebukuro and Sunabukuro = for taking and making blows

Right after that, alongside the back of the workshop building is an archery course of 25 metres in length; the target was made up from a small hill with a backstop.

And as you have surely guessed, this garden fits well into my work concept. In this way, I can try out new constructions and use the equipment myself every day to develop myself further in martial arts. In this way, endurance can be researched and improved over the years. 

When the products are technically mature, I will also try to include them in the online shop. I am sure I will start off with the simple outdoor makiwara.
There will be more traditional training equipment to follow and I would like to describe every single one and share my experiences with the world. Stay tuned!

In this spirit with a friendly hand chop – Peter Krowiorsch